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Learning Experience Designers

We believe learning can be much more

What we do

Everything we do is about one thing: learning experience design.

Within this field we do three different things:

love to!


We design and develop exciting learning experiences.

Niels Floor


“It's my passion to make a substantial contribution to someones personal development. For this I deploy my expertise, creativity and enthusiasm every day. Please let me know how I can be of service.

Henna de Koning

Project leader

“We are always looking for the design that best fits the target group and the learning objective. I like the challenge of leading this process from initial conversation with the client to a successful learning experience. To me a project is successful if we team up with our clients to come up with the best end result possible."

Maarten van Broekhoven

Lead designer

“When I design a learning experience, I want it to be a special and memorable experience for the learner. That's why I believe learning experiences should be attractive, intelligent and especially surprising. By surprising people they really look again and achieve a better learning outcome."

Shapers agenda:


We train others how to design their own learning experiences.


As pioneers we are dedicated to the development of lx design around the globe.


We design and develop a wide variety of learning experiences for an equally diverse group of clients.

Ranging from small businesses to multinationals, from primary education to university and from healthcare to government.

What unites this group is the will to explore new possibilities in search for better ways of learning.

Our role is to inspire and guide our clients throughout the design process and create the best possible learning experiences.


As a result the chances of running into a learning experience designer are increasing every day. They are easily recognizable by their passion for learning, original ideas and boundless optimism.

Who we are

Niels, Henna en Maarten form the core of Shapers.

Together with a group of experienced colleagues we work on all of our projects.
If necessary, we supplement our team with freelance specialists.

Our expertise

Learning comes from experience, that’s just a fact of life. Not every experience is as educational as the next. Some experiences can be straight out boring or annoying. Fortunately, we’ve all had experiences that were very educational. Experiences that you will never forget, which have taught you valuable lessons.

You too right? Exactly!

Now you’re probably wondering: what makes an experience educational?
And, once you know this, how do you design such an experience?

That's our expertise. That's what learning experience design is about.

Join us for a cup of coffee

Enough about us, we’d like to get to know you better!

You’ve probably got a great idea, intriguing question or daunting challenge and maybe we can help you out. Or you may just want to drop by for a chat. You know where to find us:


+31 (0)30 230 07 52


LXDCON Asia 2017 22 - 24 November


We love to share what we’ve learned. We do this by providing training sessions.

The training we offer is ideal for teachers, trainers, learning experts, designers or anybody looking for ways to design better learning experiences.

We use the Learning Experience Canvas in all of our training.

or tea

Europalaan 2

3526 KS Utrecht

The Netherlands


+31 (0)30 2300 752



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