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LXD Training, straight from the source.

Train with the pioneers of learning experience design and level up your (team's) LXD skills.

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Our Training Offer.

Online Learning Experience Design Training for individuals and organisations.

Participate in high quality online LXD training with personal attention of our experienced trainers.

Four-week online LXD course

Sign up for our four-week online course and master the fundamentals of learning experience design. Ideal for individuals and (large) groups.

In four weeks you get:

  • Live weekly webinars.

  • Challenging assignments.

  • Online resources and support.

  • Individual feedback from our trainers.

This is our longest running course and we welcome participants from around the globe for a unique shared experience.

Costs: €495,- p.p.

Online Learning Experience Canvas Course

Coming soon: Master the Learning Experience Canvas with this engaging self paced online course.

During this course you will:

  • Work on an assignment at your own pace.

  • Learn from online resources.

  • Practice with each element on the LX Canvas.

  • Put your design skills to the test.

This course will be launched in 2024!

Costs: €139,- p.p.

Online corporate LXD Masterclass

Our renowned LXD Masterclass is also available online for organisations. Ideal for remote teams, easy to plan, and good for the environment.

This masterclass includes:

  • Two interactive three-hour session.

  • An inspiring introduction to LXD.

  • A tailored design challenge for your organisation.

  • Virtual collaboration with the Learning Experience Canvas. 

Just like our in person masterclass, this training is conducted by Niels Floor.

Costs: €495,- p.p. with a minimum of eight participants.

In-person LXD Training at your company or university.

Unleash the power of experience at your organisation and offer your students, employees or clients unforgettable learning experiences. Ideal for teams and departments transitioning into learning experience design. 

In-Company LXD Training

Level up your team’s design skills and unlock your organisation’s learning potential by training with the pioneers of learning experience design.


In one day, you will:


  • Explore and apply the core concepts of LXD.

  • Work on a tailored assignment relevant for your organisation.

  • Get hands on with the Learning Experience Canvas.

  • Complete a design sprint from idea to prototype.

Costs: €595 p.p. with a minimum of eight participants.

In-Company LXD Training

Our two-day in-company learning experience design program deepens and extends our one-day program. It's ideal if you want to implement LXD into your organisation.

In two days, you will also :


  •  Work on your own project instead of the tailored assignment.

  • Try other LXD tools like the empathy map for learners.

  • Dive deeper into the LX design process.

  • Get more time to design, reflect, ask questions, and try new things.

Costs: €995 p.p. with a minimum of eight participants.

One-day corporate LXD Masterclass

This masterclass is an inspiring introduction to learning experience design. Conducted by author of "This is learning experience design", Niels Floor.

In this masterclass you will:

  • Discover what LXD is, how it works, and why it matters to you.

  • Find new opportunities to shape the way we learn.

  • Use the Learning Experience Canvas.

  • Work on collaborative design challenges.

Costs: €695 p.p. with a minimum of eight participants

Custom LXD Programs for your organisation.

Follow longer programs of several weeks or months in which training and guidance are offered tailored to your needs.

Four week online company cohort

Take your L&D department on a four week online LXD company cohort. Perfect for larger organisations looking to implement LXD in their approach.

In four weeks you get:

  • Tailored assignments to work on.

  • Online resources and support.

  • Individual feedback from  our trainers.

  • Optional follow up sessions.

This program is based on our successful four week online program and tailored to your needs. Please contact us for more details.

Costs: €495,- p.p. with a minimum of 25 participants.

Bespoke LXD Training

Maybe your organisation has very specific LXD needs that go beyond our offered training. That's why we are open to creating bespoke LXD training specifically for your organisational needs.

For example:

  • LXD for corporate academies.

  • A combination of talks, workshops and consultancy.

  • Blended learning journeys.

Let us know what you are looking for and we can work it out together.

Do you have a question about our training offer? Or doubt what best fits your situation?

Do you have a question about our training offer? Or doubt what best fits your situation?

The LXD Book in a hand

The LXD Book is Out!

"This is learning experience design" is written and illustrated by the owner of Shapers Niels Floor. In this labour of love Niels explains what LXD is, how it works and why it matters.

Get your copy today!

Shapers has been our partner for over a decade, delivering a smooth and honest collaboration. Yoleo, their creation, is a hit with children who struggle with reading.



It was a great collaboration. Shapers listened to our needs and challenged our thinking. Thanks to this, obstacles were overcome, and the simplicity of the game was maintained.


Veilig Verkeer Nederland

LXDCON'24 is coming up!


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