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Let's Talk Learning Experience Design.

Do you want to team up? Or ask a question? Please reach out to us. We love to help and we love new challenges! 

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15 minute videocall?

If you're interested in collaborating, please schedule a free 15-minute video call.

We look forward to hearing your story!

Europalaan 500 Z.1.5 (DotSlash)
3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands


Call you back?

Can't reach us? Let us call you back. 

Visit our Office.

Our office is situated in the beautiful city of Utrecht in The Netherlands, nestled within DotSlash, a vibrant campus dedicated to EDtech organisations.

Visit for everything about LXD. It's packed with valuable resources that will help you get started and grow your LX design skills.

LX Canvas

Discover the most used learning experience design tool in the world: the Learning Experience Canvas. It's a powerful tool that's free to use.

LXD Book

Want to learn more about LXD? Check out the book "This is learning experience design - What it is, how it works and why it matters."

LXD Events

Join LXD enthusiasts from around the world at our monthly meet ups and our annual learning experience design conference LXDCON.

We are passionate about everything LXD has to offer and we want you to benefit as well. That’s why we offer a bunch of useful LXD resources for anyone to enjoy!

Check out our LXD resources.

LXDCON'24 is coming up!


Shapers team lounging at the office
Niels Floor and Maarten van Broekhoven meeting
Shapers team office photo-op
Stack of the LXD Book
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